Michael Marrone

Michael Marrone (michael@themarronelawfirm.com)

B3Michael Marrone serves as paralegal and Medicaid Coordinator for The Marrone Law Firm. Michael began his career providing direct customer service to clients in a high-paced and competitive environment. Michael is a former lacrosse, football and soccer player who brings a commitment to team spirit and penchant for hard work to The Marrone Law Firm. Michael provides a range of services for Empire’s clients, including, conducting family meetings to establish a Medicaid application plan, working with the family, nursing home and financial institution to gather the appropriate documents, and completing the Medicaid application process by ensuring smooth delivery and communication with the local Department of Social Services processing the application. Michael assists families and nursing homes in completing every step of the Medicaid application process. In his spare time, Michael enjoys competitive video gaming and collecting valuable sports memorabilia.