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Attorney Anthony Marrone Joins New York State Bar Association Long-Term Care Facility Reform and Oversight Task Force

The Marrone Law Firm is pleased to announce founder and CEO Attorney Anthony A. Marrone II has joined the New York State Bar Association’s Long-Term Care Facility Reform and Oversight Task Force and has been named Vice-Chair of the Advocacy for Legislative Change Subcommittee. Attorney Marrone said, “this COVID-19 crisis has starkly uncovered underlying systemic problems in how we provide services to congregate care residents and the failure of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities to provide sufficient services, resources, and protocols to address resident needs.”

Attorney Marrone said, “After witnessing the events of the past several months, I could not sit on the sidelines anymore. The work of this Task Force is to effect change for the benefit of residents of New York State nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.” Marrone went on to describe the Task Force’s work, “we will be researching federal, state and local legal and fiscal framework governing nursing homes and other long-term care facilities operating in New York State to enhance and increase accountability under existing law and propose and advocate new measures to increase patient safety, health, and welfare. The Task Force will collaborate with governmental organizations, stakeholders, established experts and elected officials who share our goals.”

Attorney Marrone was prompted into action by the stunning amount of loss we've witnessed in nursing home and other facilities, “I am particularly concerned by what I’ve seen in the nursing home surrounding Central New York where my three offices are located. In Syracuse we have the facility with the second-most Covid-19 patients in Upstate New York and 43% of our Covid-19 deaths were nursing home residents. There has to be a concerted effort by both the State and the public to make sure that facilities have the tools they need to keep the seniors safe and that they are held accountable to do so.”

The Task Force is comprised of attorneys and advocates drawn from all corners of New York State and is meeting weekly to address these issues.