The Art of Aging




It seems like every time I turn on the TV some sort of anti-aging product is aggressively advertised. Whether it is an anti-aging moisturizer, an anti-aging vitamin supplement or what have you. While these products may help older generations feel young and revitalized, there is something that feels very corporate to these developments.




It feels like companies and consumers are looking for a cure to aging.


Age is more than a number. Age is experience, age is wisdom, age is lessons learned, had and felt. But to say that number does not matter would be wrong. Denying the aging process of our bodies and hiding behind skin-care and beauty products to look 20 years younger does not necessarily mean that 70-year-old you will be able to do the things you once did when you were 50. It can actually be somewhat dangerous. While our bodies may feel much younger than our actual age, if we are pushing them too far past their limits it could cause major damage.


Even more, it upholds ridiculous standards for people to follow. Aging does not have to be the dreaded process it is made out to be. And it isnt the ugly process people make it seem. To pretend that aging is avoidable would be unrealistic and that is why it is extremely frustrating that anti-aging has become the norm. We dont need to find a cure for aging! Aging can and should be appreciated as the beautiful process that it naturally is.


To feel younger is a different story. As our life expectancies increase, the desire to feel the vigor of youth is attractive. Scientists say the first person to live to be 150 years old has already been born, and if that becomes the new normal, developing strategies to feel good as we age will become of vital importance. Aging can be scary if it means feeling less than your younger self. But there are some natural ways to feel your 100% self.

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We always ask our clients what their secrets are to a long life and weve distilled many of the hilarious but impractical tips (whiskey everyday, steak three times a week) and developed these three easy steps:


1. Drink a lot of water

Drinking water is a natural way to stay hydrated and keep your body as healthy as possible. No matter what age you are, drinking more water is the first step to maintaining overall health. Drinking water can temporarily boost metabolism by 24-30%,can increase energy expenditure by about 96 calories per day and more.


2. Exercise

Getting out of bed or off the couch is an easy way to keep your body in its most functional form no matter your age. Yoga and aerobics challenge people physically and mentally and allow the mind and body to stay in its best shape. Research has shown that people who are physically active for about 7 hours a week have a 40%lower risk of dying early than those who are active for less than 30 minutes a week.


3. Stress less


Many studies show that the constant fight-or-flight physical reaction is very harmful to the human body. Practicing meditation or simple breathing exercises will keep your mind at ease and your body feeling up to par.



Aging isnt ugly. You dont need to look like you are in your 20s to feel like you are. Taking care of your body to feel healthy is the new anti-aging. Financially and emotionally investing into anti-aging beauty products is not.

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